Custom, Branded TV Channel.

Our partnership with TONI&GUY began way back in 2010, when the brand approached us to help them schedule their unique content and intersperse this with a branded music experience for guests on property.

Together we have developed a music video program that is energetic, edgy and up-tempo featuring artists across R&B, Pop, Indie, EDM and more.

In-store TONI&GUY Salon

Innovative On-Screen Content.

Each TV segment and on-screen video is digitally branded as TONI&GUY or label.m TV, with music video track names playing on the digital screens in-store in reverse, so that guests sitting in the salon chair can look into the mirror and see the name of the artist playing in the correct format. Retail is a fast-moving environment, and so is our continued relationship with TONI&GUY.

“Our partnership with Imagesound spans 7 years during which time, they’ve been a supplier which we can trust and one that delivers what they promise. Their team is able to turnaround content quickly and develop digital requirements based on our unique needs. TONI&GUY TV is an important piece of our brand story for our customers and staff.”