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Imagesound Projects - Next
Imagesound Projects - Next

In-Store Audio and AV Installation Partner

Imagesound is proud to partner with British fashion retailer, Next, who trust us to curate the music in more than 600 of their outlets - including Fashion and Home & Garden - both across the UK and internationally.

Our partnership has developed as a close consultation with Next’s Marketing team to help create a music collection for their stores that feels fresh, vibrant, and welcoming for guests of all ages and backgrounds. And while our music team continues to evolve the sound profile each month, our operations and installations teams have installed the sound systems for new stores and retrofits working seamlessly with Next's internal project managers and on-site teams.

Imagesound Projects - Vodafone Interior
Imagesound Projects - Vodafone Coffee

Motivational music

We also worked with the brand to develop an innovative way to connect the back of house to the front of house team. Staff were working long hours unpacking stock, with no music and motivation levels were low.

Imagesound implemented a highly curated, uplifting sound profile to move stockroom staff through the early morning hours, tempo that kept them engaged during afternoon energy dips, and moved them right through to late evenings. On-brand, and on point. Imagesound also connected backroom staff messaging to the NEXT login system to push team to re-engage with their “Shift Marketplace” software.

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