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Discover Music Features

View What’s Playing

Allow your customers to see the details of the track that is currently playing in your venue.

What’s Playing Next

See details of the tracks that previously played or are scheduled to play next.

Track Selection

Select the track(s) that you want to hear played next, from the pre-approved playlist playing in the venue you are at.


Track Preview Streaming

Listen to track previews before selecting track(s) to play.

Track Ratings

Get feedback from your customers to determine their individual musical preferences.


Details of the tracks requested and rated can be fed back to yourselves and our media team to determine actual audience preferences, allowing customer-led profiling if desired.

Social Sharing

Social integration allows your customers to easily share their experiences socially, promoting the awareness and presence of your brand online.

On Android & iOS

The Discover Music app can be downloaded directly from Google Play or the iOS App Store.

Functions subject to regional variation. Please enquire directly to learn about local functionality.


One More Time

We don’t just craft personalized playlists for your brand’s spaces, we build apps and cool interactive tools like Discover Music which opens up your pre-approved playlist for your customers to interact with. They can rate, preview and choose tracks then share their selection via social media all geo-fenced to your sites specific location so only people inside your space can interact.

Discover Music is the missing link between your brand and your customer’s experience in store - customers who have tried it have loved it!

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Give your customers the ultimate audio visual experience and boost your sales at the same time!

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