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Real timestatus updates

See the real-time status of your players; check that they are connected to the internet, ensure they are up-to-date and available to download music updates.


Remote controlaccess players

Find out what playlists and tracks are currently playing on every one of your players. You can even remotly select on-demand playlists to play in your venue(s).

User management& more

We can provide access to the Dashboard with different access levels; venue managers accessing a single player, brand managers accessing entire estates or anything in-between.


Upload, You're in full control

Upload your own Digital Signage content, Audio Messages, Websites, Power BI and create on-screen messages.

Scheduleyour uploads.

Once you've uploaded, you have the ability to schedule when you want your content to be displayed.


Timetable, your music

You can maintain your own timetabled music, create new timetables and edit existing ones with a rich user interface.


Our Dashboard supports a list of ever growing languages; British, American English, Spanish, French, German and Simplified Chinese.


Available on all majorbrowsers & devices

Our Dashboard is built responsively, so it works on all major broswers; desktop and mobile devices.

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