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Network Integration

However you prefer to connect, we've got solutions for you.

We’re proud to offer a number of flexible music, video and digital signage hosting solutions, and are confident that no matter what your network requirements may be, we have - or can create - a tailored solution to suit your needs.

We currently work with partners that have all sorts of weird and wonderful networking challenges from sites with full unrestricted internet access, to high profile banking brands that have very strict restrictions in place.

Our team of network engineers love a good challenge.

Network Integration with Imagesound
Network Integration with Imagesound

Integrate with Us

Use our data in your systems

If you’d like to access the data for your venues, this can be arranged. Whether you are wanting to find out what’s playing in one of your venues to display online or within your own apps, see upcoming playlists to let your customers know what's playing next, allow your customers to provide you with feedback on how they rate your music or even allow them to select the tracks that they want to hear play next, this can all be arranged.

Please contact us if this sounds like the type of thing you’re interested in and we can let you know more.

Bespoke System Integration

We can read your data to integrate it with our systems.

We can automate the reading of your data through your APIs to pull out the information you want us to, format it and present it to your customers on-screen within our digital signage solutions.

From subway status updates, regionalized weather for where your venues are located, or pulling timetable information for gym classes or menu information for restaurants, we can display real-time information tailored around your needs.

Bespoke System Integration at Imagesound

What we can do for you

Download Player

Download Player allows you to view and manage your playlists, audio messages and digital signage content across all of your sites.

Download Player

Download Player

Instantly view what is playing in any of your sites on a zone-by-zone basis at any time of the day or night. From your audio advertising messages and playlists to the digital signage content on your screens and menu boards, you have full visibility of what’s happening in your sites, plus the ability to adjust it via the Download Player.

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Fine tune the ambience in your venues at the touch of a button, with instant access to your playlists and messages.



Dashboard is a visual platform that gives you complete control over your playlists and messages allowing you to dictate the the time and frequency of when certain messages or tracks play in your site. Content can be pre-scheduled in line with customer footfall, with the option to override should you want to adjust energy levels.

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Discover Music

Give your guests the opportunity to influence what they hear in your sites by selecting from your pre-approved playlists on the Discover Music app.

Discover Music

Discover Music

Enhance the guest experience in your venues by giving your customers the opportunity to interact directly with the playlists. The Discover Music app allows users to choose what they would like to listen to from a selection of pre-approved playlists created specifically for your brand, then share their selections via direct links to social media.

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