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Our patented Download Player offers the ultimate flexibility in managing your personalised original artist playlists, audio messages and digital signage, giving you complete control over what is seen or heard in any of your sites at any time of day, on a zone-by-zone basis.

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Download Player Dashboard

The Download Player Dashboard enables you to fine tune the atmosphere in your venue, increasing energy levels or enhancing the relaxed vibe according to clientele, time of day or in reaction to outside influences. Having the ability to access your original artist playlists, audio messages and digital signage visuals via the digital platform enables you to pre-schedule your content, with the option to instantly adjust manually where necessary.


Control at your fingertips

The secure, cloud-based platform gives you access to download the software and manage your licence keys. It also shows you, in real-time, what is playing from your original artist playlist.

Available on Android, IOS and Windows, your team members can access your pre-selected music profiles remotely, via a smartphone or tablet or another PC. Permissions for your employees to interact with the playlist are at your discretion, giving you the utmost control over the music for your business across all sites and zones.

Digital Signage

Control your digital signage via the bespoke Download Player LG System On Chip. The LG WebOS application enables you to connect with your customers, adjust what content they are viewing on your digital displays, menu boards and promotional screens and ultimately enhance your brand awareness.


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