Music Licensing

Am I Legal?

It’s simple really. Music is at the foundation of our business. We value artistic integrity as part of our culture, in all its many forms.

Since our business is based on the music that fuels it, we have taken great care to build strong relationships with collection societies around the world. We’re also proud of our direct relationships with artists, publishers, managers and promotion agencies worldwide.

They give us great music, we get it heard! This relationship means access to exclusive content from our hundreds of partners.

Public Music Licensing Requirements

What you Need.

Playing music publicly, requires licensing

If you want to play music in a public place you’ll require the permission of the copyright holders and be required to pay royalties. This includes all forms of media including streaming platforms, digital music and CDs, which are for domestic use only.

We can advise and assist you in ensuring that you have the right licences and permissions in place so there’s no nasty surprises. We hold the requisite licences to reproduce the music that you play and report its use to the rights holders, through collection societies, that way any royalties collected are always fairly distributed back to the recording artists.

Need help with what licences you need to play music publicly?

Give us a call to find out exactly what you need to be covered to play recorded music in your public space.

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