Retail Store Background Music

In-Store Background Music Solutions.

Want a background music system for your store that will engage your customers, increase dwell time and ultimately lead to more sales? At Imagesound we are here to assist!

Whether you own a single shop or look after an entire chain of retail stores across many countries, playing the right music at the right times of the day will engage your customers.

A customer walking around your store humming away to the music and generally feeling happy is more likely to "dwell" for longer and see something that they want in your store.

Background Music in Retail Stores

Background Music for Retail Stores.

At Imagesound, we are in-store music experts and pride ourselves in creating solutions for every need.

Our state-of-the-art music solutions provide you with a system that is fully managed by one of our teams of music profilers, requiring no interaction from yourself. You will also regularly receive automatic music updates to your unique music profiles.

If you prefer to have more control over your solution, we can provide you with a system that allows full interaction with it, including the ability to create and play your own playlist, play special events or follow the scheduled profiled playlists that we provide you with.

Our solutions are much more than just a background music system.


Brand & Retail Radio.

Incorporating retail radio allows you to intersperse personalized advertising and announcements in-between your background music tracks.

This is a great way to get a message across to your customers, whether it is the description of an in-store offer or just a personalized message.

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Digital Signage and On-Screen Content.

Imagesound can provide the on-screen advertising and branding that your customers see as well as the music and messages they hear.

Liaising with you, we can manage your on-screen content and create the on-screen branding that suits your needs. Connecting our system to your store's TVs/screens allows your TV advertisements, animated (or still) messages, visualizations, selection of videos, offers - whatever you require - to be shown on-screen.

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Give your customers the ultimate audio visual experience and boost your sales at the same time!

Want to know more about our in-store av solutions, digital signage & on-screen displays, music profiling, retail radio or have a question for us…just ask!

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