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From our offices in the UK, Los Angeles, Miami, Hong Kong and Shanghai, we provide background music solutions to thousands of the most high profile retail, hospitality and leisure venues, in over 168 countries around the world!

Background Music for retail, leisure and hospitality venues

Background music for your venue.

We make background music awesome.

Whatever your industry or venue type, we can provide you with a background music solution to meet your needs. If you want a non-interactive system to just playback profiled, regularly updated music in your store or a fully interactive system playing different music, video and on-screen media in each different area of your shopping center or hotel, we can provide you with a fully managed, fully licenced solution.

No venue is too big or too small, from a single bar to a nationwide chain of stores, restaurants or hotels or a big complex requiring numerous different zones of music we can exceed your expectations with our state-of-the-art background music solutions.

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