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imagesound - Music Profiling
imagesound - Music Profiling
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Let’s Dance

Using experience - gained from passion and a lifetime of listening to music coupled with our handpicked approach to music programming - ensures all songs selected and scheduled are reviewed for audio quality, lyrical content and appropriateness for each brand we work with. Actual humans program, because real people are listening. This is what sets us apart.

imagesound - Lets Dance
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Music Programming

Music programming communicates the fabric of your brand auditorily, and combined with our proprietary software allows our team to adapt profiles that shift throughout the day/week to match location, property type, zones and special events - to give you the competitive edge you deserve, with a unique and flexible interactive music program.

Day-parting and scheduled playlists

We do the hard work, so you don’t have to

Day-Parting is similar to the way that a (good) DJ reads the room, the people, the energy in it... and makes a musical decision of what to play ‘next’ based on those nuances. What's your peak time with lots of foot traffic? Are your Urban or Rural locations a completely different demographic? Do these patterns change based on the season?

Day-parting creates shifts in the sound to fit your space. We work with you to figure these out and apply them to real-life in-store situations.

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imagesound - Music Profiling - Library

Vast library

With direct links to major record labels, unique regionalized content from around the world and being first in line to receive promos and new content from both unsigned artists and the most renowned names, we guarantee we have all the skills and tools available to curate the perfect blend of music for your brand’s spaces.

No matter what your taste or niche, we can source and blend your content to specifically suit your needs.

Music Video Playlists

You Play the guitar on the MTV

Get the best music in sound and vision with your very own on-brand, curated music video channel - nothing “pre-made” here! Perfect for bars, gyms and retailers who want to keep content fresh and engaging with their audience. A customised music video channel can elevate the customer experience and give your brand a strong identity in-store.

Pair that with our powerful digital signage platform and you’ve got the ability to reach national, regional or local audiences with specific messages tailored to your audience at the right time of day/day of week, saving money on expensive printed media.

imagesound - Music Profiling - Playlists

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Give your customers the ultimate audio visual experience and boost your sales at the same time!

Want to know more about our in-store av solutions, digital signage & on-screen displays, music profiling, retail radio or have a question for us…just ask!

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