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Imagesound AV Installation Experts
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Experts in audio visual integration

We specialize in the design and installation of professional audiovisual systems. Our team of certified project managers and engineers are dedicated to deliver excellence for our clients. Equipped with market-leading knowledge of professional audiovisual hardware and use case, our consultative design approach ensures we can offer the best possible on-budget solution.

Operating across a wide range of sectors, our capability covers all project scales, from single site designed solutions through to multi site campus integrations, and everything in between.

Backed by best in class manufacturer pro partnerships and product led certifications, our team are constantly developing their product knowledge to ensure our clients benefit from the latest in audio visual innovation.

Imagesound AV Installation Experts
Imagesound AV Installation Experts

Audio System Design & Installation

Bringing brands to life, through sound

We specialize in the design and installation of pro audio solutions that meet our client’s application needs and budget demands. Our consultative approach is driven by our market-leading knowledge of audio hardware, our experience in spatial audio design and our commitment to providing first-class installation services.

Our wealth of multi-sector experience ensures we have the flexibility to work across a vast array of projects, from high-end hotels to commercial warehouse, retail and leisure.

Digital Signage Systems Design & Installation

Great systems, great impact

Imagesound are a turn-key supplier of digital signage systems, offering a full suite of services including system design, network planning, screen hardware supply, media player specification and installation. In addition, our in-house content management platform has been developed from the ground up, designed to give clients the best possible signage experience via a user-friendly web-based interface.

Digital Signage Systems Installation Experts - Imagesound

What we can do for you

Audiovisual Systems

Audiovisual systems seamlessly integrate sight and sound, offering a holistic multimedia experience that enhances communication, entertainment, and information.

Audiovisual Systems

Working with the latest Audiovisual systems we can push the boundaries of technology to craft environments that captivate, communicate, and resonate with your audience.

From the commanding presence of large-scale installations to the finesse of intimate setups, these systems are designed to leave a lasting impression. For us this is more than entertainment; it's an immersive journey.

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Audiovisual Installations

Audiovisual installations transform spaces into immersive environments.

Audiovisual Installations

Audiovisual installations are the architects of atmospheres, manipulating sight and sound to craft compelling stories. These installations embrace innovation, pushing the limits of technology and deliver experiences that linger in the mind long after the lights dim.

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Technical Integration

Technical integration involves the seamless incorporation of diverse technologies, allowing them to work cohesively to enhance efficiency and functionality.

Technical Integration

Technical integration of audiovisual systems is the pinnacle of innovation, where elements synchronise effortlessly to create an unparalleled user experience.

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What our partners say


imagesound, Fred Perry

Imagesound + Fred Perry

“Fred Perry’s relationship with music runs deep - all the way back to the early roots of youth culture in the late ‘50s, and seen across countless clubs, gig venues and festival stages ever since. Imagesound really get under the skin of what our soundtrack is all about. They understand that music is a connecting force between us and our customer, and through bespoke playlists, the spirit of our brand is propelled into our shops. With Imagesound, we are able to journey through past, present and future subcultures, and create the perfect atmosphere throughout our shops, globally.”

imagesound, Dominos

Imagesound + Domino’s

“We’ve been working with the team at Imagesound to get their sound systems & music players installed in all our new stores and refit stores when they come up. Imagesound have been very helpful at every stage of the way, from the initial conversations around how the systems work right through to working with our shop fitters to ensure our stores are opening/re-opening with music. Thanks to their playlists updating every month to a specified music profile there is no extra admin or work involved once the system is in and the licences are in place, and it’s creating a better working environment and customer experience.”

imagesound, Caffe Nero

Imagesound + Caffè Nero

“After many years of working together, our close relationship with Imagesound ensures that every single track we play is appropriate to the time and day part and we know from customer and staff feedback that the music we play is much appreciated and adds to the overall Caffè Nero experience.”

imagesound, Vodafone

Imagesound + Vodafone

“Imagesound have been our partners for our audio experience since 2015, providing a technology solution that was ideal for our needs and excellent creative support with their in-store messaging.”

imagesound, Hamleys

Imagesound + Hamleys

“Working closely with Hamleys has allowed Imagesound to create a soundtrack that signals fun to customers both big and small.”


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