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imagesound Brand & Retail Radio
imagesound Brand & Retail Radio
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Brand Radio, that gets Results

At Imagesound we’re all about bringing customers and colleagues closer to your brand, it’s what builds loyalty, connections and keeps customers coming back again and again and we can do that through your very own in store brand radio. Forget cheesy 80’s style radio jingles and services, we like to think we’re more sophisticated than that.

We create a valuable, flexible audio marketing channel that gets results for you and your suppliers.

imagesound Brand Retail Radio
imagesound On-Brand Retail Radio

On-Brand Retail Radio

As with any marketing channel, strategy is key, we take a holistic view of all your omnichannel activity, as radio is at its best when part of a bigger picture.

It’s about pulling everything you hear and see out of store and at the point of purchase and making it part of a connected journey. Brands spend hundreds of thousands of dollars building a brand, so radio is not about re-branding but blending in seamlessly.

Engaging withyour customers

We’re in the enviable position of speaking directly to customers when they are in the right place at the right time, in the right frame of mind to buy, so making the most of that opportunity is imperative to us. Whether you run a convenience store or a large supermarket we arm you with the ability to target countries, regions, towns, even single sites and spaces.

That means that if you have a range of products only available in a specific place, perhaps locally sourced, we can tell your customers about it, because nothing connects more than local voices telling local people about local products. It gives your brand a voice, and lets customers know you care about what matters to them.

imagesound Retail Radio - Engaging with your customers
imagesound Media & Content Creative Services - Creating Brand Messages

Design, Produce, Create, Deliver

Our in-house creative team, with decades of experience of in-store radio messaging working with some of the world’s biggest brands, can guide you every step of the way, from writing and producing concepts to fully blown out-of-store radio campaign messages.

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Give your customers the ultimate audio visual experience and boost your sales at the same time!

Want to know more about our in-store av solutions, digital signage & on-screen displays, music profiling, retail radio or have a question for us…just ask!

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