Background Music

Background Music.

Don’t stop the music

To us, it’s not just background music. What your customers hear is just as important as what they see, feel and taste. Whether you’re after a core brand sound, regional influences or birdsong in your hotel lobby, we’ve got you. Think of us as the chef in the coolest kitchen in town, everyone can buy the ingredients but not everyone is a Michelin Star chef.

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Digital Signage

Digital Signage.

Remember the time

A good story is nice, but when it’s told visually, it can truly bring your space to life and make it memorable. The thing is... digital signage can sometimes be an afterthought for brands. We believe great digital signage is an extension of your marketing mix, be it product launches, promotions or look book features. We work with you to develop a strategy that delivers beautiful digital content, at the right time of day, at the appropriate frequency - to share your story - with an edge. Our in-house team of creative and software development can help grow a simple idea into a fully evolved, perfectly executed concept.

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Music Profiling

Music Profiling.

Clap your hands

For us, the song never ends. Our team are multi-genre lovin’ sound gurus from the 4 corners of the globe. Producers, musicians, concert-goers, music bloggers, record collecting, radio-show-having. We live it. We breathe it. Our Music gurus literally take your brand, your space, and dissect it. We distil it down... into an auditory experience. And it takes more than just a strong ear for good music. It requires a deep understanding of retail, food & beverage and hospitality experiences. As consumers ourselves, we’re hyper-aware of nuances that can keep your customers connected and staff better engaged. Trust us, it’s kinda our thing.

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Brand & Retail Radio Services

Brand & Retail Radio.

It’s not commercial radio, but it is radio you can commercialize

It’s not commercial radio, but it is radio you can commercialize. We’re only using that term because it helps with SEO. Seriously though, we’re not about building radio stations with cheesy announcements, played on repeat. We’re about adding audio to your marketing channels and using retail radio in a clear and concise way, like you would any other media. We help build your own in-store advertising network, and the response is quicker than almost any other media advertising. It creates measurable impact, builds loyalty and it gets results.

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Installation & Service Work

Audiovisual Installations.

Don’t you wonder sometimes, about sound and vision

There’s nothing worse than putting great music onto a bad sound system! Let our team of sound design expert’s guide you through the best in class AV strategy for your space - from just a few speakers, to dozens across multiple channels, throughout global locations, installed on budget and on time. Our skilled engineers are fully certified to work across sites of all sizes. We believe in sound that amplifies experience.

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Content Creation

Creative Media.

From concept to completion

From concept to completion, we do it all. TV, Video or Radio, in-store or not, our in-house studio works across all platforms to produce engaging content. We know Retail and Hospitality, working with some of the world’s most iconic brands. And let’s face it; a consistent creative strategy is key to an engaging retail experience.

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Music Consultancy Services

Music Consultancy.

Sweet harmony

Everybody loves music, whether it’s hip hop or acid jazz our musical palettes differ from person to person, the same can be said from brand to brand but where do you start? Is your heritage important? Do you want to talk about where you’re from and the music that makes up the landscape your brand has flourished in and become known for? Who would you have playing at your very own brand festival? Great questions to get you started. We work with brands to discover their musical voice, helping them decipher their sound.

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Music Licensing

Music Licensing.

Check your self

Working with any supplier of music be it in store, for TV or Radio you want to make sure all the boring stuff is sorted from a legal stand point. We want to make sure the artists who help us to craft audio experiences are rightly compensated for the use of their work. Being a global music provider means we have great relationships with all the relevant licensing bodies meaning you can rest assured that by working with us we’ve got you covered.

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Full transparency, full control

Ah, the olden days, when you’d have to check the back of the cassette to see what track’s playing or fast-forward to change the mood? Well we’re way past that now. Our Dashboard feature lets you log in to your networked player and check the playlist, make changes and even see what music your player has been updated with. It’s a great tool for single sites or for large global brands.

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Discover Music

Discover Music.

Everybody wants to be the DJ

Everybody wants to be the DJ! Cool. But let’s give them some guardrails. We put the power of music in the hands of your customers (or staff) with Discover Music, offering full interactivity with your pre-approved in-store playlist allowing guests to choose the next song in the queue for in-store play. Oh, and don’t worry people won’t be able to choose the music from their armchair at home, our app is location based so only customers in your venue can play “DJ”.

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Technical Integration

Technical Integration.

Get connected

Security, network concerns, future proof technology – we cover it all. As a tech-forward business we are pro-active and iterative in our approach. What does that mean? We work with your team to mitigate IT issues before they happen and co-develop processes that create simplicity for all integration be it music in store, retail radio or AV installations. Seamless throughout, via our propriety online APIs.

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