Ever found yourself humming along to music in a store?

Enjoyed the tunes in a bar so much you’ve stayed for another drink or found yourself smiling as you enter a clothes shop and your favorite song comes on?

At Imagesound, we’re the people behind those experiences.

We’re about sound ideas.

Some folks are in a band, we’re more like an orchestra

We’ve grown and evolved with our partners at home and overseas, which is a testament to our relationships and the valuable nature of people dealing with actual people to build in-store experiences that are truly unique whether its background music, digital signage or a combination of the two. Everything we do is produced in-house by our creative studio. This team delivers both in-store and out-of-store messaging, working across both TV and Commercial Radio.

We continually adapt to the retail and hospitality industry and the consumers that drive it. Now in 168 countries globally; we understand the cultural nuances required to make brand experiences stand out... but also, to fit in. We thrive on a good challenge.

We’re privileged to partner with some of the world’s most iconic brands - across banking, luxury, fashion, auto, electronics, hospitality, restaurants and more - adapting our technical expertise and using our commitment to crafting the right experience.


Wherever you are, we’re there.

With global offices in Los Angeles, Miami, UK, Shanghai and Hong Kong and regional consultants in Tokyo, Bangkok, Bali, Delhi, Dubai, Casablanca, London, Vancouver, New York and Sydney - the Imagesound family has taken root in all corners of the globe.

Today, you can experience our music curation in more than 87,000 locations in 168 countries and 24/7 support is a standard for all our partners, no matter where you call home.

Some of the team.