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Restaurant background music

When your guests visit your restaurant, the character and atmosphere that the restaurant portrays can be as important as the quality of the food you are serving. At Imagesound, we know the importance of creating the right ambience in your eatery and know how the right music can make the perfect meal taste even better!

Whether you are looking for a background music system for a chain of modern energetic diners, or a bespoke classic michelin star restaurant, or you are in charge of an entire chain of an entire estate of restaurants, spanning many countries, we can make it effortless for you to introduce a music solution that could just turn that nice meal out, into the ultimate dining experience; and who knows, maybe help raise profits a little for you too!

Background music for restaurants

At Imagesound, we are have been profiling bespoke music playlists for thousands of restaurants around the world for years, and although we have heard all manor of unique requests we would love to have your challenge!

Whether you would like an array of on screen menus or subtle digital signage advertising, time specific playlists for your branded events and themed evenings, different music in each zone of your restaurant, such as in the bathrooms compared to the main restaurant or bar, just a simple background music system to meet the tastes of your clientele, or some unique idea that you have had for your restaurant, ask us and see how we can bring these ideas to life!

Totally customisable, our state of the art, licenced music solutions, can be both non-interactive, or if you prefer can allow, yourself, your restauant staff and even your customers (via their own personal digital devices), control the music that is playing! You may choose to keep the control of the system off-site with our web interface which allows you to change the playlists playing in each zone of your restaurants from wherever you are in the world; be it head office in bed or on the beach!

Our solutions are much more than just a background music system.

Want to know more about our restaurant background music solutions, on screen media, music profiling, retail radio or have a question for us? We are only a phone call away!

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