Restaurant Background Music

Background Music for Restaurants.

Seasoned to perfection

Whether you’re a grab n’ go restaurant or boast a few Michelin Stars and a 6 month waiting list - the perfect sound for your space should be the final menu accompaniment. Maybe the goal is to move your guests through the dining experience in under 30 minutes? Music, can add energy and keep visitors moving. Maybe it’s an 8 course meal over 3 hours? The right sound profile is an essential ingredient for the palate.

And like any great chef, we season and re-season, to get it just right.

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    A delicious blend of Italian flavours

    Working alongside Carluccio’s we crafted a hand-made music playlist that highlights their Italian heritage, reflects the changing atmosphere in their restaurants throughout the day and complements the seasonal changes of their menu.

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Control the music in your restaurant

Choose the Music in your Restaurant.

Dashboard; Putting you in control

So you’re a restaurant and you decide ‘Hey Amigos we’re going to do a Mexican night’ and we all know the quickest way to theme any venue is with music.

We can give you access to specific event playlists at the touch of a button, check out our Dashboard.

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Influence the music playlist in your restaurant

Discover the Ingredients.

Allow your customers to influence the playlist in your restaurant

Ingredients are key to any delicious dish or great sounding playlist and we can give your customers access to be able to cook up their own musical treat with Our Discover Music App. It lets them access your pre-approved playlist, choose which tracks they’d like to hear and share their experiences via socials.

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Get the perfect undertones for your dining experience.

Want to know more about our background music solutions, menu boards, digital signage & on-screen media, music programming or have a question for us... just ask!

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