A Full Flavored Experience.

Caffè Nero is a brand that fully recognises the important role that music can play in helping elevate the brand experience from competitors. They strive in all aspects for a high quality offering – whether that be the coffee they serve, the surroundings and furnishings or the music that people will experience.

Caffè Nero @ Cornbury Festival

Caffè Nero Music.

The music profile ranges from Classical in the morning to Jazz at lunchtime and a mix of Acoustic, Soft Rock and Soul later on. All hand-picked to create a playlist that is warm and engaging, but full of interesting surprises.

Amongst the Mozart and Vivaldi in the Classical playlist, there could be an obscure tasteful instrumental by Black Sabbath, a cutting edge contemporary composer (Max Richter) or a young artist that’s just emerged from music school.

Caffè Nero have always been very keen and active in supporting emerging artists and this feeds into a wider range of activities that we’re involved with. From discovering new artists and giving them a featured Artist of the Month spot on the playlist and website to helping curate and run the Caffè Nero/Imagesound Stage at the Cornbury Festival each year, our connection with the grass roots side of the music industry is brought to the forefront with Caffè Nero.


Caffe Nero Barista
Caffe Nero Sign

A Trusting Relationship

“After many years of working together, our close relationship with Imagesound ensures that every single track we play is appropriate to the time and day part and we know from customer and staff feedback that the music we play is much appreciated and adds to the overall Caffè Nero experience.”

Caffè Nero

Caffe Nero Coffee
Caffe Nero Worker

Watch Pablo Ettinger discussing the importance of music to the Caffè Nero brand