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Motion graphic animation is a powerful tool for clearly sharing information in a visually interesting format. Our in-house team of graphic designers specialise in creating animated displays bespoke to the environment in both 2D and 3D, from scrolling menu boards in bars and fast service restaurants, to exclusive promotional displays in stores.

Our team also design and develop motion graphics for social media and animated training videos, plus intros and outros to live action edits.

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Sustainable in-venue communication

Digital signage featuring informative motion graphic design provides a sustainable solution to in-venue communication. This progressive form of visual display removes the need for printed posters and physical menus, eradicating the subsequent waste once offers and seasonal menus have expired.

imagesound - Motion Graphics
imagesound - Motion Graphics

Reacting to seasonal trends

There are many events throughout the year which you may want to celebrate or support in venue, from international sporting tournaments to seasonal events such as Christmas, Easter or Halloween. Your digital screens are the ideal place to extent this support, displaying topical offers or simply reflecting the theme of the tournament via motion graphic designs.

Designs bespoke to your environment

The placement of your digital signage screens and the time in which they will be viewed will play a large part in determining the design brief. Our team are experienced in creating designs specific to the environment, from drive-through menu boards where speed and clarity is key, to large 3D visual displays in fashion boutiques where an immersive customer experience is a priority.

imagesound - Motion Graphics


Motion graphics or motion design is the term used for animated graphics. Often used on digital signage screens or digital menu boards, motion graphics are a great way to attract attention to visual displays, sharing promotions in stores or highlighting the daily special in a pub or fast food restaurant. Lettering may be formatted to animate on screen, or the design may be purely image-based. Either way, motion graphic design is created to capture attention, enhance the viewing experience and ultimately keep the viewer’s interest while information is shared. Live action footage is often bookended with motion graphic design, creating informative intros and outros to provide the viewer with more information.

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