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Download Player Remote Features

Remote Control

Connect to all of your players to control them on-site, remotely, from a single other device.

View What's Playing

View what's currently playing and scheduled to play in the current playlist.

Load a Playlist

Select a playlist that you want to listen to immediately, or after the current track ends.

Play a Message

Select one of your messages to play on-demand - store closing, happy birthday, etc.

Select a Track to Play

Select a specific track to play from the current playlist - immediately, or after the current track ends.

Skip or Disable Tracks

Skip the current track playing or disable tracks in your playlist to prevent them from playing.

Share the Control

Allow numerous staff members to connect to and control your player(s) on-site, at the same time.

How it works

Gonna get myself connected

The Download Player Remote is an iOS or Android app, that allows you to connect to your Imagesound players to control them all from the palm of your hand.

Sometimes, you want to see what’s playing on one of your players or load a playlist without physically accessing the player itself. Whether that’s because your players are locked away in a chilly server room or dispersed widely around a large property, as long as your player(s) and the Download Player Remote app are connected on the same local area network (LAN), e.g. connected to the same wifi, this can now be done with Download Player Remote.

On Android & iOS

The Download Player Remote app can be downloaded directly from Google Play or the iOS App Store.

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