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Voiceover Recording Rooms Available

From strategy to scheduling we can help you with all elements of your radio advertising. Our award-winning creative producers can assist with the initial scripting and work with you to source the right voice artist for your message. Depending on your location, the recording session can either be conducted in person in our newly refurbished recording studios in Leeds, or directed remotely if that is more convenient. Once recorded, we will edit and produce the final audio, introducing sound effects and music beds if required. Finally, we will prepare the advert for scheduling and distribute it to the relevant radio stations.

Award winning producers at your service

Why Imagesound Studios

Voice is powerful!

Our team of award-winning producers have years of experience working with some of the most well-known voices in the business, be that on National radio campaigns, ADR sessions or on a vast array of podcasts. Creating audio content for a wide range of global brands has also given us the opportunity to work with a wealth of talent from around the world, working in different languages, across a range of disciplines, providing translation services where required. This experience has enabled our team to confidently direct, produce and deliver audio creative across all platforms, no matter how unusual or challenging the brief.

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Voiceover Recording Studio

All the facilities you need

Whether recording in person in our purpose-built audio studios or connecting remotely via Skype, Zoom, Teams, Source Connect or phone we can direct, record, edit and package your voiceover session, no matter what the requirement. This could be for your business directly, supporting your client or helping you with your voiceover career. With an extensive bank of professional voiceover artists and presenter talent, covering a range of styles and tones, plus our highly skilled production team, we have everything you need to ensure an efficient and effective audio recording. We've been recording voiceovers for radio, TV, video, online, advertising and much more for over 20 years so you know you're in good hands when using Imagesound Studios.

TV & Online Voiceovers

High quality broadcast sound

Voiceovers for television require high-quality broadcast audio, therefore it is essential to record in a purpose-built, sound-proofed environment, using the latest audio technology. Our sound engineers have years of experience working with large broadcasting companies such as BBC and Sky on a range of documentaries, dramas and commentaries, providing multiple voice recordings with expert post-production. We also work with our customers to produce narration and voiceovers for a variety of online applications, including You Tube videos, company websites, social media content and e-learning. Our award-winning producers are highly experienced in TV audio mixing, dubbing, ADR, audio mastering, sound design and post-production, and if that’s not enough they can also assist with licensing support and management if required.

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Imagesound Studios On Hold Music

Are you a voiceover

Showcase your talent

If you're a voiceover artist or freelance broadcaster, we can help you in expertly producing a show reel to demonstrate your talent, range and versatility. We have a variety of options available when it comes to recording your audio, whether remotely or in-person, and can direct you to ensure flow of sound and active engagement in your reading. All expertly produced and packaged following recording with the addition of music beds, sound effects and clips as required.

Studio Hire

Accessible studio

Creating a quality, engaging podcast recording is easier than you think at Imagesound Studios. Our soundproofed, air-conditioned, COVID compliant recording studios are custom-built and designed to the highest acoustic standards, making them the perfect place to record your podcast. Whether attending on your own or with your guests, our large production studio has the capacity to record up to five people, with the option to add others into your session remotely via phone, Skype, WhatsApp, Source Connect and IPDTL. Studios can be hired on an hourly basis, ensuring that you have just the right amount of time to bring your audio project to life.

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