Digital Signage

Digital Signage Content.

What you want, displayed how you want it

Mix any variations of still images, animated visual content, live widgets - such as weather forecast in your location, clocks, scrolling messages or live transport updates. Audio visual content? No problem - we support animated AV content, bespoke client videos, chart and music videos.

If you have unique requirements, test us!

Technical warning: We can plug into your data using APIs to automate the delivery of your live content to your screens. All of our software is built in-house by our team of techies, so we have the flexibility to build to requirement.

Integrated Digital Signage and Background Music Solution

Get more from your Digital Signage Solution.

Fully integrate your Digital Signage with your background AV systems

Although our Digital Signage and on-screen solutions provide you with everything you'd expect, we want to give you more!

We can fully integrate your background music and video channels into your on-screen and digital signage solution, and allow you to show on screen what’s currently playing in your venue.

You can even run more than one channel from a single unit including your background music service, reducing your hardware and running costs.

Discover Music - Allow your customers to influence your music or or screen content

Give your Customer Control.

You want all your customers to have some fun and attract them to your on-screen messages

We have brandable apps ready to use - that your customers can download for free - allowing them to pick the music or videos that play in your venue - from a pre-approved playlist of content.

Proven to draw attention and increase dwell-time, get your customers keeping an eye on your interspersed on-screen messages as they wait for their selections to play.

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On-Screen Digital Signage Layouts

On-Screen Layouts.

Display your on-screen content, the way you want it to be seen

From single landscape or portrait screens to split screens and cross-screen video walls, we can create the digital signage solution that’s perfect for you.

It doesn’t stop there, we can schedule layout changes to flip between split screen, multi-widget layouts to full screen or sponsored content whenever you want it. So if you want to have full screen outputs whilst your advert breaks or music videos play, this can all be set up and automated on-site.

Digital Signage Supplier Reporting and Proof of Playback

Supplier Reporting.

Selling the air space? You’ll need the data

If you’re looking to commercialize your network you’ll need to be able to provide brands or suppliers with evidence that what was scheduled to be played, actually played in your venues - in the right place at the right time. We can provide detailed reporting required for proof of playback, to meet any compliance requirements.