Quality, Style and Sophistication.

Trivia alert, Vodafone were the first network in the UK to make a mobile phone call way back in 1985 and today have more than 400 million customers around the world.

The Vodafone playlist is an eclectic mix of contemporary tracks leaning towards quality, style and sophistication. Particular attention has been paid to any mainstream choices which make up a large percentage of the playlist for familiarisation, making sure the focus here is on tracks from the sophisticated and the more respected end of the mainstream spectrum.

Vodafone in-store advertising

In-Store Advertising.

Our creative studio produces in-store radio messaging which can be regionalised - from country to region, right down to a single store if needed - giving Vodafone access to their very own radio network.

“Imagesound have been our partners for our audio experience since 2015, providing a technology solution that was ideal for our needs and excellent creative support with their in-store messaging.”