Bringing David Lloyd to Life.

It’s no secret that music can be key to a good workout, but there is so much more to David Lloyd than just the gym floor. Imagesound have been proudly partnered with David Lloyd since 2015. Each club includes a lower energy zone of music for the lounge and reception area which serves as an atmospheric buffer for entering the club ready to work out or relaxing with a coffee after a session. The clubs with spa offerings have a dedicated channel of music and soundscapes for relaxing and unwinding. We also go a step further in some venues with the experiential Deep Relaxation zones which use sound as a holistic treatment in the form of Binaural Beats played on headphones to members as a meditation aid.

In the spring and summer months, the music in the lounge and outdoor areas changes to a summer holiday resort inspired music collection in the evenings to suit the activities that come with longer and warmer days.

In the one of the flagship clubs we provide a youthful and contemporary playlist for the Teen Zone which also includes access to Discover music so the teenage patrons for an added level of interaction and control for the members.

Motivating Members.

Keeping members motivated whilst working out is key.

At Imagesound we supply screens with digital signage and music videos from our extensive library, always keeping the tempo upbeat.

Not only that but we also provide a highly flexible and powerful network of advertising, running third party adverts on a local or national basis.

“Imagesound have been the ideal partner for us, helping to create the right atmosphere for our members from high tempo workout through to post workout relaxation. They have also been instrumental in developing our commercial in gym signage channel to provide useful information from class timetables to trainer profiles and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any other business.”

David Lloyd