Box Barre, Sheffield, UK.

As an immersive boutique fitness destination, providing a heightened audiovisual experience was the key briefing point when the Box Barre team approached Imagesound to consult on audiovisual integration and managed music services.

Leaning on years of experience in product sourcing, our team ensured the client was receiving the best quality audio product for their budget, delivering on the need for members to feel the music during the unique workout experiences Box Barre offers.

Box Barre's AV solution for visual and audio enrichment

Scope of works:

  • 6 Audio zones linked to a central head-end unit, powered by an Imagesound managed music media player.
  • Audac ceiling speakers in general areas, Martin Audio speakers on separate head-end in main gym area. Flexible audio inputs.
  • Projector installed for visual workout cues.
  • Imagesound Digital Signage service at reception linked to 55” screen.