Brand Stories - Everards Meadows

Everards Meadows

Brand Stories - Everards Meadows
Brand Stories - Everards Meadows

Everards Meadows, Leicestershire, UK

This brand new site includes a state-of-the-art brewery, a beer hall serving food and drink, outdoor area and live music space, offices, retail store and Brewery Experiences area. Imagesound were contacted at early stages of the concept to discuss AV requirements and build a specification to deliver against client objectives.

Brand Stories - Everards Meadows
Brand Stories - Everards Meadows

Scope of works:

  • Customisable Bose DSP-driven background and foreground system allowing auxiliary inputs for live musicians, programmed for optimum system performance. PA system included.
  • Wyrestorm matrix for TV and DS distribution, HD Base T driven allowing for full flexibility and ease of control.
  • Digital signage throughout, including ultra-high brightness window facing screens for retail unit windows.
  • Curated music content throughout guest areas, along with Imagesound’s Dashboard CMS control to meet clients marketing requirements.

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