Music in Motion.

In summer 2017, TUI Discovery 2 joined the Thomson fleet with 915 cabins, 11 decks and 7 restaurants and bars, the experience on board is designed to take you away; not just in a literal sense!

Our AV installation team set up our carefully crafted playlists across 8 zones on-board whilst the ship was docked in Cadiz.

Any travelling space - such as this cruise liner - is one of the most exciting and challenging places to profile music for, due to the nature of the changing scenes and countries the ship sails through, but working closely with the Thomson Cruises Product Team we’ve created something really special.

Background Music in TUI Stores

In-Store Music.

In addition to having the pleasure of supplying the TUI fleet, we also look after their nationwide estate of more than 450 stores.

Nationwide we supply background music that is uplifting, positive and happy, creating the perfect environment for holiday shopping. It is suited perhaps to a more mainstream clientele; think the sophisticated side of Radio 1 & Capital FM.

TUI's Holiday Design Stores are designed to be slightly less mainstream and follow a selection of more chilled out styles, such as mellow pop, acoustic singer songwriter and electronica. It’s a little bit cooler and edgier without being too “out there”.

In addition to the core playlists, we have worked closely with TUI to develop a number of regional specific playlists as well as collections for their in-store special events and promotions.

“Imagesound have become a vital part of the team ensuring our in store radio is a key part in helping to create the right experience for our customers and colleagues.”