Making Magical Experiences.

For more than 250 years Hamleys of London has been the finest toy shop in the world bringing magical experiences and joy to children of all ages. Hamleys rich history began with William Hamley, a Cornishman from Bodmin, England. William Hamley dreamed of the best toy shop in the world when opening his toy shop at Holborn, London in 1760.

In 2017, Hamleys, as a global brand, extends significantly further than the famous London toy shop. Hamleys currently trades 110 Toy Shops across 24 countries including China, India, Russia, Mexico, South Africa and United Arab Emirates.

In-Store Music at Hamleys

Iconic Brands Need an Iconic Sound.

We provide an up-tempo blend of energetic, fun music with pop, TV themes and film soundtracks that enhance the Hamleys experience. We’ve created a music signature to match the environment. Hamleys unique offering means that having fun and creating memories is key to the customer experience in all stores, and music plays a huge part.

“Working closely with Hamleys has allowed Imagesound to create a soundtrack that signals fun to customers both big and small.”

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