A Night to Remember.

Stonegate is the largest pub and bar operator in the UK, and we are delighted to have had a long partnership with them across their varied brands.

The venues are a mixture of high street, country inns, traditional, late night and themed bars, including impressive well-known brands like Walkabout, Slug & Lettuce and Popworld. Customer experience is of course at the forefront of Stonegate’s business, therefore partnering with imagesound allows for many things, but at the core, bespoke music profiles for each brand and unlimited special event playlists for all types of occasion.

With the mission to reduce the need for printed POS, over 60% of their estate now have digital signage as a service that’s fully managed by imagesound’s content management system. Finally, the WeLoveQuiz mobile phone smart quiz is fully automated and integrated into the imagesound media player allowing for highly profitable, hassle free and reliable quizzes, throughout the week.

Foreground Music and DJ Mixes at Stonegate Pubs

Food, Drink & Music.

To meet Stonegate’s vision - ‘to deliver fantastic customer experiences’ - Imagesound take great care to understand the marketing requirements of each brand and create a music profile which meets the needs of the customers and staff alike.

Many of the venues utilise digital signage to further engage customers by promoting food, drink, sporting fixtures and live events. Imagesound’s video management software allows the timely scheduling and management via our players.

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