The Home of Homes.

It all started 30 years ago in Leicester, when Bill and Jean Adderley opened a home textiles business offering a wide range of products at affordable prices, ranging from bedding to blinds. In short, if it’s for the home you’ll find it at Dunelm.

As a brand, Dunelm are dedicated to giving customers the absolute best pricing they can. Authentic, honest, transparent. In turn, the guest experience in-store is meant to be a reflection of that warm and welcoming environment.

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In-Store Experiences.

Dunelm and Imagesound have worked together to develop a host of in-store experiences and services, ranging from purposefully curated music, which varies based on location, store type and time of day, to audio messaging - featuring everything from new store openings to localised product offerings and more.

The goal? Entertain, inform and educate both customers and staff - and bring them just a little bit closer to the brand, in an open, honest, way.

“Imagesound are professionals, from installation to creative, their hard work, dedication and attention to detail are exactly what we look for in a supplier.”