Iconically British.

Fred Perry. One of the most iconic British fashion brands with deep roots in the world of British music and culture - founded by the legendary tennis player of the same name. Retro, throwback, and adorned by many sub-cultures - from the Mods to Punk - ever since.

As they say, “Original since 1952”, and as their partner for all things in-store music, our goal, is to take that layered heritage and liven up the store environment with a nod to eras gone by with our hands firmly on the tracks of today...and tomorrow. From The Teddy Boys and Skinheads through to the Brit-Pop movement of the 90’s - we blend in a bit of Northern Soul, Reggae, Ska...

In-store with Fred Perry

In-Store Experiences.

After more than 50 years in business Fred Perry has achieved true cult status, by staying true to it’s history and culture. When it comes to the music experience, Imagesound aims to deliver a consistent, memorable experience to their staff and customers at all times, no matter where in the world their stores are located.

“It’s through music and the culture around it that Fred Perry connects with their customers, generating genuine and engaging conversations between real people. That’s why every track in the collection is chosen to spark an interest, a discussion and a journey into the history of the brand; building a lasting and true brand loyalty for both staff and customers. We are proud to be part of the tribe.”

Rowland Carter