Connecting with Customers.

Domino’s is one of the most innovative brands we work with. The brand has shaken up pizza delivery business in recent years with everything from developing ordering technology via their app, Twitter or even via text... with an emoji! Their excellent use of digital disruption to the industry has created solidarity with youth culture.

Background Music at Domino's

Musical Toppings.

Our relationship with Domino’s (franchise) focuses on the music profile in order to elevate the in-store experience for both colleagues and customers through AV sound design and on-brand, fresh music programming.

“We’ve been working with the team at Imagesound to get their sound systems & music players installed in all our new stores and refit stores when they come up. Imagesound have been very helpful at every stage of the way, from the initial conversations around how the systems work right through to working with our shop fitters to ensure our stores are opening/re-opening with music. Thanks to their playlists updating every month to a specified music profile there is no extra admin or work involved once the system is in and the licences are in place, and it’s creating a better working environment and customer experience.”

Dominos MSG Group