Everything tastes better with cheese!

Pizza Hut is a brand with real heritage and personality. Founded in 1958 in Wichita USA by two brothers, the brand found its way on to UK soil in 1973. Famed for the inventions of stuffed crusts and cheesy bites, this brand even started the deep pan pizza revolution!

With over 250 dine-in UK restaurants, Pizza Hut have partnered with Imagesound for over 20 years to help deliver a consistent and fun brand sound.

Pizza Hut - a blend of great musical toppings

A mix of toppings.

The soundtrack of Pizza Hut restaurants is varied to appeal to all ages. Profiling is a unique blend of artists and songs that will bring together guests while creating a warm and inviting family-friendly environment. The chosen tracks are designed to entertain both staff and customers alike, without compromising the provenance of the Pizza Hut brand.

Renowned for their spontaneous, children’s favourite, ‘Happy Birthday’ sing-a-longs, Imagesound provide remote technology that enables staff to quickly activate a special event with one click of a touch screen button. This is also widely used by staff during UK tours of large bands, such as The Spice Girls and Ed Sheeran, as Imagesound create special event playlists that can be manually activated to warm up their gig go-ers!