A Contemporary Music Mix.

Music is very much front and centre as part of Pizza Express’s brand offering, as founder Peter Boizot has always been inspired by Jazz music - setting up the Pizza Express Jazz Club on Dean Street - where artists like Sting, Amy Winehouse, and Jamie Cullem have all performed.

With this brief, we endeavoured to craft a music profile that takes a page from this rich music heritage, focusing on up-and-coming, modern artists as well as contemporary covers, chic and trendy electronic artists, all complimented by modern soul. Of course the playlist wouldn’t be complete without time-honoured classics to build a music profile that appeals both young and old alike from families to young professionals dropping in for a bite on their lunch break.

Pizza Express Special Occasion

Special Occasions Catered.

As partner to Pizza Express, we’ve also developed event playlists that are hand-crafted to fit the dining audience for special occasions such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Holiday and more.

With Pizza Express restaurants being located throughout the UK, we’ve also taken into considerations the cultural nuances within the regions to ensure that local artists are enveloped into the playlist where possible. We work closely with the Pizza Express brand team, as an extension of their marketing goals, to make sure the music fits their core guidelines at all times.

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