Crafted Music.

We’ve been partners with Hall & Woodhouse for more than a decade, a brand that began its epic brewing history back in the 1700’s.

The main objective at Hall & Woodhouse is to entertain and engage both guests and team alike, taking into consideration the venue style & location, and guest profile.

Hall & Woodhouse

Guest Experience.

Imagesound provide 3 bespoke music profiles across the established estate to create the correct atmosphere and mood for guests to drink and dine. The music changes throughout the day to suit our trading patterns and guest demographic to maximise the guest experience.

It is important for an independent business to stand out from the crowd, and we do this by utilising Imagesound’s Comedy service in the guest toilets. Famous artist narratives are combined to create laughter, joy and entertainment for guests, which is something that makes us unique and remembered.

“Hall and Woodhouse have been working with Imagesound for over 10 years to perfect a background music service which suits all our managed pub venues”

Hall & Woodhouse