Warm, Uplifting and a Little Bit Quirky.

Bill’s Restaurant’s are founded on the values of serving great food to every customer that comes through the door, from breakfast to bedtime and everything in-between and music goes hand in hand with great food and great experience.

The music at Bill’s is a diverse selection that complements the brand. Bill’s Restaurants are warm, uplifting and a little bit quirky, the music aims to reflect this.

With Bill’s offering there’s separate menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it’s been important to design various playlists that complement these changes, demonstrating a clear change in song choice and energy levels as the menus and customers change throughout the day.

We served up the perfect artists for Bill’s ’Summer of Music’ live sets check it out...

“We’ve worked with the guys at Imagesound for over five years, and they’ve been absolutely brilliant through the whole experience so far. I personally have a great relationship with them and they’ve really helped with all and any questions around music styles, what may or may not work in the restaurants and have never failed to ensure any requests happen. I’m really glad we have them on board and look forward to continuing to do new and exciting things with them in the future.”

Bill’s Restaurant