Crafting brand experiences
through sound and vision

What we do.

Background Music

Remember that friend at school who had an encyclopedic music knowledge? Well, we hired a bunch of them, all around the world. No algorithms here! We partner real life people with your brand to deliver the perfect in-store background music for your space.

Background Music

Creative Media

We do it all. TV or Radio, in-store or out-of-store, our in-house studio works across all platforms to produce engaging messaging that gets results! As your partner we completely immerse ourselves in your brand story - let’s make something awesome!

Creative Media

Digital Signage

On-screen media in all formats - from signage and posters to menu boards, 3D animation to digital 6 screens. Our software offers a powerful, flexible and reliable solution for scheduling content across national, regional and individual sites.

Digital Signage

Making it happen.

AV Installation

There’s nothing more frustrating than putting great music onto a bad sound system! Let our team of sound design experts guide you through the best in class AV strategy for your space - from just a few speakers to multiple channels, on budget and on time.

AV Installation

Account Management

We pride ourselves on the close relationships we’ve built over many years with our partners. A single point of contact is all that stands between your brand and our entire team. As your brand evolves organically, we’ll be right there to support you.

Account Management

Service & Support

These little 7-letter words are a big deal to us. We have strategically built global teams for this very reason - so when you need to speak to someone we’re here to help, no matter the time or the place. When we say 24/7, we mean it.

Service & Support


Countries Worldwide


Locations Supplied


Brand Partners

  • Music Matters.

    Groove is in the heart

    Our passion for music is at the core of everything we do, it‘s vital in communicating your brand values and helps pull everything together into a unified experience for your customers.

    At the end of the day, we‘re all unique individuals with a diverse set of experiences that form our own emotional bonds to music. This is how we approach music curation: personal and individual. It‘s not about millions of songs - though variety is imperative - it‘s about the right sound for your brand and audience, no matter the location.

    In-Store Music Providers
  • Motion Matters.

    Video thrilled the radio star

    Visual stimulation is like magic, when it’s done well. We provide digital signage and scheduling services to thousands of screens globally and we’re able to produce content in-house or manage your content strategy for you via our media scheduling team.

  • Sound System & Screen Installations.

    Fix up, look sharp

    While we are busy designing sound systems, crafting brand music profiles, and developing software and hardware to go with it, the AV team is on the road, bringing it to life. We’re the team you can rely on to take an idea from infancy, all the way through to exceptional execution.

Caffe Nero
  • Download Player.

    Pump up the volume

    Our multichannel audio video software can run cross-platform and be downloaded to your existing Windows, Linux, Android or iOS device. We also provide industry leading hardware in rack, vesa and micro form factors for any location or deployment size.

  • Our Dashboard.

    Right here, right now

    Transparency. It’s vital for today’s retail back-end operations. We can provide your team as much or as little interaction as you prefer... from checking the connectivity status of players to influencing playlists - our Dashboard software is a practical and flexible way to manage your space.

  • Discover Music.

    The music sounds better with you

    We can let your customers interact with your playlist, either via an API to your app or via the Discover Music app. They can see what’s playing, link with social media and even bring their favourite track forward. Of course we limit this to your brand’s pre-approved playlist and also to the venue, so it adds to their overall experience.

We love what we do
and so do our brand partners...

  • “After many years of working together, our close relationship with Imagesound ensures that every single track we play is appropriate to the time and day part and we know from customer and staff feedback that the music we play is much appreciated and adds to the overall Caffè Nero experience.”

    Caffè Nero
  • “Our partnership with Imagesound spans 7 years during which time, they’ve been a supplier which we can trust and one that delivers what they promise. Their team is able to turnaround content quickly and develop digital requirements based on our unique needs. TONI&GUY TV is an important piece of our brand story for our customers and staff.”

    TONI&GUY (2017)
  • “We chose Imagesound for their music knowledge and expertise in large store sound system installations for our flagship Westfield store, and look forward to growing with them.”

  • “Imagesound have been our partners for our audio experience since 2015, providing a technology solution that was ideal for our needs and excellent creative support with their in-store messaging.”