You’ve had a hard day. You get in the car, press the ignition, and a song you love comes through the speakers. It changes the direction of your day - it lifts you, invigorates you and puts a spring back in your step. Music has a powerful effect on mood and can evoke emotion. We all have songs for when we’re sad, tunes we play when we’re getting ready for a night out, classic albums that calm and ground us. Imagine being able to harness that energy for your brand.

Your Image, Your Sound
Your Image, Your Sound

It has long been acknowledged that visual presentation is vital for branding. Be it your logo, the layout of your shop or the way you display your products, the appearance of your environment is something that requires masterful tailoring. We know that auditory information can be as psychologically influential as visual - so should you be slapdash with your sonic identity?

Music messaging can deliver subliminal information to customers about your brand. You know who your customers are and how they identify themselves, so how can sound be used to reach out to them? With connectivity and relatability comes loyalty - the right music will make your environment feel like their environment - and getting potential customers to identify with your brand is priceless.

On a more conscious level, people just want to enjoy themselves. Walking into a space that feels alive and fresh makes customers leave their worries at the door. They stay longer, browse more and spend more. They come back, even when they don’t need anything, because your place makes them feel good.

Think about your auditory identity, and make it work for you.