Every day we receive phone calls and emails from retailers worldwide asking about our programmed music service, many of these potential customers currently play music and we always ask what they’re looking for in a new supplier.

Imagesound; In-Store Music Provider
Imagesound, In-Store Music Provider

Some say they have just discovered that, as they are playing Spotify, Google, Amazon or another consumer streaming services, they are not playing music legally. These services cannot be used in commercial environment and in doing so, you’d be guilty of copyright infringement. It means you are using an artist’s work without permissions, and not paying them for creating it.

If you’re using Spotify, Google, Amazon or any other consumer streaming services - don’t, if you are caught by any of the copyright collecting agencies you’ll be financially penalised for it. Customers come to us as we know the copyright collecting agencies very well, we pay them every time we use their member’s music, we can help you solve any of the issues you may have in this regard.

Some say that their current supplier (including the ones above) offer poor service and cannot be relied on to programme their music correctly. The complaint is usually that the programming is repetitive, outdated and their music is not unique or on-brand. At Imagesound all of our customers enjoy music specifically programmed for them, it’s not an algorithm, it’s a human being who knows your business inside out, that way we can soundtrack your brand correctly and consistently.

Some say that their current supplier has frequent service interruptions (no music during trading hours) due to streaming dropouts. Some complaints include unresponsive or bad customer service and equipment failures. All Imagesound customers have a dedicated Account Manager who know their customers inside out and are able to take responsibility on the rare occasions there’s an issue. Our players have all the required music stored in memory so no dropouts when the internet goes down, ever. All this is supported by a 24/7 free help line.

Whether it’s programmed background music, foreground music or business music you require, with best in class music programming and service, Imagesound can deliver.