Whistle While you Work - Using music to motivate staff.

The Disney classic Snow White identified the power of music in aiding productivity or as the song puts it 'It won't take long when there's a song to help you set the pace'. The reality is that music is a great motivator and its one that is now probably even more apt than ever before.

Whistle While you Work - Using music to motivate staff
How music can improve staff morale

With the latest round of lockdowns, tiers and regulations keeping your team motivated is even more important than ever. Plus don’t forget you can also remind everyone of the latest government advice on 'Hands, Face, Space' using audio messaging, although maybe not in a dance track which is what comes to mind when you say the advice out loud.

Many companies will be thinking about turning off their music service if they are only offering a take away or click and collect offering from their stores or restaurants, this in itself can cause issues from the risk of staff putting on their own music -  the wrong sort of music won't represent the brand experience in the right way and a silence demotivates staff working on site.

Government boffins in WWII realised that music was a major factor in productivity and gave the BBC the task of coming up with something to motivate the workers, Music While you Work’ and ‘Workers Playtime’ were the result of this and were so popular that they were still on the airwaves in the 1960s.

Todays’ modern playlists can even be curated to increase productivity through a combination of up tempo and classic tracks.  Studies have shown increases in productivity, reduced absenteeism and interaction with company systems as a result of introducing a curated music programme for colleagues.  There is even a branch of neuroscience dedicated to this; neuromusicology.

If you are open its likely to be manic (it's still the golden quarter), although hopefully not with the panic buying of last time and keeping everyone positive is going to help a lot.

Imagesound can help – whether you're an existing client who wants to reward their staff with a lockdown playlist to keep them happy whilst the customers queue outside or you’re looking to move supplier because your current one isn’t giving your brand the love it deserves – give us a call and we'll be happy to help!

So, don’t forget to 'Whistle while you work, ah-ah-ah-ah'.

 / By Charlotte Brett, UK

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