It’s not a normal Valentine’s Day this year - you might not be able to have a restaurant meal with romantic music setting the mood, or if you are it’ll be socially distanced. You may not be able to linger to hear your favorite love song play when you buy that enormous bunch of red roses, however we like to keep the holiday spirit alive at Imagesound so we’ve created a pair of fun Valentine playlists especially for you.

If Music be the food of love - play on! A Valentine’s treat from Imagesound
If Music be the food of love - play on! A Valentine's treat from Imagesound

Take your pick - we have a loved up romantic profile - perhaps to accompany your favorite take out or serenade you on the drive to your restaurant of choice - click for romance or if you’re a little more spiky or prefer something with a bit of bite on the day - choose our Anti-Valentine list.

On a more serious note - if you don’t love your current provider’s music give us a call at 1 321-804-8804 - we love to chat and are ready to help - whatever you want to play!