The Art of Digital Signage
Digital signage in Time Square, New York

Screen Basics

Before deploying your digital signage there are some basic questions that you should ask:

The first should always be: why do you want to use digital signage?

Your screens may have several functions but establishing the importance of these will allow you to address the other questions that will help ensure that they are fit for purpose. These include:

Is the screen big enough and bright enough to attract the viewers’ attention and clearly communicate your message?

Is the screen located at the appropriate stage of the customer journey and where it can easily be engaged with?

Is the setting appropriate and effective? For example will the immediate surroundings add to or detract from the on-screen message?

Should the installation be innovative and interesting in itself - i.e. Something more interesting than a 16:9 screen?

Does your display need to be interactive?

Wonderful Content

If you have fully considered the above then your screens will be ready to effectively and dynamically communicate with and engage your visitor, provided your content is wonderful...

It is worth considering that in taking the decision to go real world shopping, your visitor has chosen to leave behind two of the three screens that they regularly engage with, namely their computer and their TV (they’ll have their phone/third screen with them). This should be kept in mind when creating content and perhaps should prompt the question: do you want to show your customers something they’ve already seen or something new, brave or unexpected?

For sure, in anything other than a pure information setting, the content will have to earn the right to communicate your message. Ask yourself: is my content interesting, amusing, attractive, stimulating, intriguing and fun enough to beguile the viewer into engaging with the message? If the viewer had a remote control in their hand, would they stay tuned into your on-screen content or look for a more entertaining channel?

Other questions to ask of the content might include:

Is your message clear?

Is there a call to action? If so, is it clear what you’d like your visitor to do next and how to do it?

Are you selling items or inspiration? A good example of this is: do you want to show a pack of sausages with the price or a lovely steaming hot plate of sausage and mash on an attractively set table, with a bottle of perfectly matched red wine to accompany it?

Is your content an animated version of your static POP (Point of Purchase) or is it a window to a wider range, or previously unknown opportunities, a favourable lifestyle, an original idea etc?

Is the content too wordy? Is there an image that can communicate the message faster and more effectively? A picture is worth a thousand words.

Is there a longer story to tell? Can you keep regular visitors engaged and does your business have a heritage or values that might help form a stronger bond with your customer?

Content is king! It is far more common for screens to be let down by the content than the content be let down by the screens. If what’s on screen isn’t wonderful they won’t be earning their keep!

Campaign Management, Everything in its Place

Do you want to upload, publish and manage your screen content yourself? Or would you prefer it to be managed by a trusted partner? This is a question that should be considered with long term management in mind. Initially it may seem attractive to have a ‘hands on’ approach, but do you or your team really have the time to manage your campaigns and ensure that you have published the right content, to the right screens, at the right time - all the time? It is more important to most users that a Campaign Management System be clear and intuitive and allow you to quickly and easily upload, schedule and publish your campaigns than for it to have hundreds of complex functions that they will never use. The Imagesound Dashboard is a great example of an approachable Content Management System (CMS) portal that lets you get the job done quickly and with certainty.

If you prefer to let someone else ensure your customers are always seeing the best of your business, our media team will be happy to look after that for you. Our creative team can help you design an effective content and campaign strategy that will make the best of your screen network.

Whatever your questions, we will have the answers. We can get your message across. We’d love to help!