A Special Music Playlist for Halloween.

We’re approaching the end of the year - and whilst you may be thinking of Christmas, don’t forget about Halloween. Many of Imagesound’s pub, bar and retail clients are looking forward to a scarily big spike in sales around 31st October when customers are looking for trick or treat sweets, diners are enjoying pumpkin soup and drinkers supping a spiced ale.

The sounds of Halloween
The sounds of Halloween

If you have a venue that is celebrating you might already be carving gruesome pumpkins, preparing your ghost gear and putting up the cobwebs... but have you got the (no filler) all thriller playlist sorted?

Fear not!! Imagesound’s music consultancy can help!

Imagesound’s seasoned music programming team have used their years of experience to fiendishly create the perfect background music for the occasion and it’s not too late to decide that you want that Halloween sound in your venue. Whether you want to go all out with a 100% spooktastic playlist or just create a spooky atmosphere with a percentage of chilling tunes it’s not too late to ask us to help.

Peek through your fingers at our sample playlist to give you an idea what to expect - click here.

 / By Ian Light, UK

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