Background Music is a key element to a stores retail mix – and is too often left to chance.

Making Music Work For You and Your Customer
In-store experiences, enhanced by music

The wrong music can instantly change a customer’s impression of your brand, and turn people away.

And no music at all? The silence can be deafening and unwelcoming, leaving the customer feeling awkward.

Here at Imagesound we work to understand our client’s needs and objectives, and where music fits within their whole marketing mix.

We break this down to 3 key areas:


The music and tone of in-store messaging can create or reinforce the brand identity as your customers enter the store. The first few bars of the song they hear as they enter is enough for a shopper to know if this particular brand is the one for them.

Once in the store, its important to understand the pace of the customer journey and use specially curated day parted playlists to keep the flow efficient during high traffic times or slow down when required.


Music is not just for your customers and consideration should be made to your colleagues who are in store all day. A recent study by Music Works found that 77% of businesses agreed the music enhances productivity. Of course, it needs to be the right music and strongly linked to the brand. The right music, with no repetition is an easy and inexpensive way to keep colleagues motived.

Control & Consistency

When using a managed background music service you have the peace of mind that your stores are always playing the music they should, providing a consistent sound that’s always on brand. Always family friendly, with the right tempo to match the time of day and flexible to accommodate any special requests or events.

For retailers today, with customer experience and in-store theatre more vital than ever the right music can attract more customers, drive sales, build the brand and motivate staff where the wrong choice of music can be devasting.

It’s important to find a partner to implement the four C’s for your brand strategy and curate the right sound for your stores.

How Music Affects Customer Behaviour and Spend

Can the type of background music you choose to play in your restaurant really affect dwell time and customer spend?

According to research by Clare Caldwell and Sally Hibbert from the University of Strathclyde, yes it does.

They decided to test out how fast music (music that was 94 beat/minute or faster) and slow music (72 beats/minutes or less) affected how long people stayed at an Italian restaurant in an affluent area of Glasgow.

The slow music caused diners to stay longer by 13.56 minutes – impressive if you are encouraging dwell time.

The same research found that the people listening to slow tempo music spent £27.26 on their food and drinks. While those listening to faster music ended spending £22.18 – a difference of £5.08.

This finding is supported by R. E Millmand in 1986 who found that in a similar experiment his fast versus slow group spent about equal amounts on food, but the slower group spent 40% more on alcohol.

At Imagesound we understand the importance of profiling the right music for your customer and the tempo of your restaurant, bar or café to encourage dwell time... and increase spend.