How in-store audio messaging can help ease customers back into the retail environment.

Now lockdown is easing and we are slowly but surely creeping back into the suddenly unfamiliar territories of shops, cafes and – hope against hope – bars and restaurants, many of us are experiencing mixed emotions. On one hand we are rejoicing in our newly regained freedom, on the other we are feeling somewhat apprehensive… What do we do? Where should we stand? What can we touch?

Put customers at ease with scheduled in-store audio messages
Put customers at ease with scheduled in-store audio messages

As this is a familiar emotion for us all right now, retailers can completely associate with how their customers are feeling. Therefore, finding a way to guide and reassure customers – while still maintaining a welcoming shopping environment – is more important than ever.

Many of our clients are choosing in-store audio messaging to help convey this necessary information and we have been working closely with each to ensure that the right tone and frequency of message is achieved. In the same way that we curate music bespoke to suit specific environments, instructional messaging needs to be targeted as such. Customers in busy retail spaces such as Co-op or Tesco Express respond well to regular, friendly-yet-functional messages to guide them through their weekly shop, whereas those visiting H&M, adidas or Gap will require equally reassuring, yet, less frequent or detailed prompts as they browse the rails.

Well-positioned messaging helps makes the transition back to shopping for pleasure easier, while alleviating some of the stress of re-learning ‘how’ to shop. We have already received excellent feedback from our clients who have started using in-store audio messaging to guide their customers through the all-new shopping experience.

“Having clear, friendly audio messages to reassure and remind customers to follow our social distancing guidance has undoubtedly helped us to create a safer shopping environment for both our customers and colleagues.”

Mike Emery, Director of Customer Marketing B&Q

If you would like to hear more about how in-store audio messaging can help ease shoppers back into the business environment, be that through social distancing reminders, prompts to follow a one way system, or to simply say “Welcome back, we’ve missed you!” we’d love to help.

 / By Sam Cockayne, UK

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