Getting We Chatty - how Imagesound communicates with clients in China.

As a business that was founded in the UK but now delivers to over 160 markets worldwide, we have always adapted to have the right communications channels open for our clients.  This isn’t just a case of having the best methods available in each market but also a case of tailoring the channels available for each client concerned.  Our service is unique to every customer from bespoke music profiles or signage requirements to delivery methods; how our clients get hold of us needs to also vary as a result.

Communicating with clients – Addition of the WeChat option
Communicating with clients – Addition of the WeChat option

Number one for us is a proactive approach, all clients have an account manager assigned who will communicate regularly and ensure our service adds to the overall marketing mix and should you have a sound system issue at 9pm at night our 24/7 service team is available, having someone you can talk to and solve your issue is the base level for us.

For our larger clients we will even integrate into their own service process, this can be via integrating into their help desk or even being able to transfer calls to one of our experts.

But for our Chinese clients we needed to add something else – Laura Huang from the Shanghai office explains how Imagesound works in a country as large and diverse as China.

Imagesound has offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong, and we can service the whole of the Greater China region. With so many languages and regions this could be a challenge but as most people are used to using WeChat we use it as the primary way to connect with clients here. WeChat is more efficient and convenient for Chinese clients and allows us to provide prompt responses to voice and video calls. We use WeChat for music consultancy, IT and service calls and can even transmit documents using it.

We also have a WeChat enterprise account so all clients can receive a range of services from quotes and holiday playlist notifications to industry trend surveys, all at the click of a button.

As a music consultancy with a worldwide reach we are proud that our teams in Shanghai and Hong Kong can not only provide support in Mandarin and English but also the other languages and dialects common to Greater China. Our team is diverse and proficient in these so wherever you are from you will feel comfortable chatting about how to enhance the mood and music experience wherever you need it. The Account Management team have a deep understanding of your market and will share insights and trends with you to help strengthen your brand in the Chinese market.

Having a regional team in the Greater China area allows Imagesound to adapt our music curation to local tastes. We are constantly adding high quality local music to the library and have a range of playlists ready for New Year Celebrations. Having China based music consultants means that we can consider the differing tastes of our customers and keep abreast of the latest trends – so we have you covered whether you are looking for traditional music, jazz or the latest tracks.

China is one of the largest retail and hospitality markets in the world, growing rapidly and the focus for many global brands. With locally based teams Imagesound can stay one step ahead of the competition in a market that is rapidly evolving. Whether you are looking to maintain an international brand standard or create a regional sound our account managers can help. Sometimes you need a consultant that understands every detail of Chinese culture and trends as cultural errors in your music will damage your brand. Don’t leave it until it’s too late – WeChat us today to talk about your music!

 / By Charlotte Brett, UK

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