Birmingham Primark Comes To Life With Music.

Primark High Street Birmingham – It’s like nothing you’ve heard before!

The new Birmingham Primark opened its doors on April 11th 2019 to five floors of mixed retail space with bespoke music provided by Imagesound. The 160,000 sqft Primark has catapulted it into the Guinness Book of Records as ‘The World’s Largest Fashion Retail Store’.

Birmingham Primark Comes To Life Wih Music
Birmingham Primark Comes To Life Wih Music

Customer experience is at the heart of the store, with a restaurant, a cafe, three concessions that include a Primark Café with Disney, a Duck and Dry beauty salon and Mills barbers alongside drinking fountains, recycling schemes and a place to charge your phone. Primark recognises that retail stores are more than transactional spaces and should offer customers an elevated experience above and beyond their shopping goals.

Regular shoppers will know that Primark stores traditionally do not play music - but from an early stage the designers knew this store would be different. Where customers relax and refuel, a lack of music can be deafening and create an uncomfortable environment. Primark approached Imagesound to see how we could help enhance the great customer experience ideas they already had in place.

At Imagesound we specialise in curating impactful music programs that significantly benefit the customer experience for our clients. Our approach is thoughtful and deliberate, helping our partners leverage the power of music as a tool in their in-store strategy. We work with key drivers such as: Building Brand Voice, Increasing Dwell Time, Raising Staff Morale, Avoiding Unfriendly Silence and most important Improving Customer Experience to develop bespoke music channels to suit client’s business objectives.

Ian Light, Head of Music at Imagesound, met with the Primark team and each of the concessions to curate bespoke music channels that showcases each of the unique zone’s locations within the store, and the shopper journey.

“It’s been a great project to work on and we hope people enjoy the results. The Primark Café with Disney music reflects the family friendly nature of the environment. Mills Barbers has a very credible mix of indie, rock, funk and hip hop whilst Mezz and Primarket cafés present a much more laid-back area to relax away from the shopping whilst listening to classic hits from across the decades.”

Ian Light, Head of Music at Imagesound.

Since opening the store has been buzzing, with Birmingham Primark poised to provide continued leadership in retail customer experience and engagement.

Music curation is just one of the customer experience services we offer clients - we also specialise in digital signage, content creation, branded retail radio, AV installation and more.

 / By Tim Hull, UK

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