These Clothes are Made to Dance.

The Halston Brand - which rose to fame in the late 60’s/70’s - was the embodiment of chic, sexy and all things discotheque. If the party was hot, you can be sure the ladies of the evening were wearing Halston. Even Billy Joel name dropped the brand in his famous “Big Shot” hit of ’78. The brand gave rise to the true “American Woman” of that era... with everyone from Bianca Jagger to Angelica Huston rocking his frocks. Enter the new phase of the brand, Halston Heritage - celebrated by celebs like Kate Hudson and Charlize Theron.

Imagesound have been Music Partners to Halston Heritage since 2016 - helping to bring a sophistication and energy to the in-store environment through classic disco and throwback sound design mixed with artists clearly inspired by the era such as Psychemagik, Scissor Sisters and Flight Facilities.

See our video case study with Halston Heritage below

(As a brand) “We have big shoes to fill... we can’t just rely on 70’s references, we also need to embody that spirit in a more modern context. So working with Imagesound... one of the big differentiators has been the quality of the tracks. It’s been so inspiring to see people walk into the store and see them realize, I can be myself and be glam... these clothes are made to dance.”

CMO, Halston Heritage